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Welcome to Isitfair

Isitfair was started in October 2002 by Christine and John Melsom as a local action group in Hampshire.  They were incensed about the proposed huge increase in Council Tax bills for the year 2003/04.  This was the year when the average increase was 12.9%!  Although the Government at that time knew that this was going to happen, they did absolutely nothing to prevent it.  Instead, they blamed the local councils!

Isitfair believes that the current council tax system is unfair, being based on property values as opposed to peoples' ability to pay.  At the end of the day, despite the arguments for and against this system, properties do not pay this tax, it is the occupants of the property that pay it, and not necessarily all of them.

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George Osborne's Autumn Statement 25 November 2015

Council tax payers were hit with a new 2% precept on top of their usual tax bills to help fund the cost of local social care.  The LGA have estimated that Band D bills could cost an average of just under £200 more over the next five years.

George Osborne We believe that the cost of social care should be paid for through general taxation, just like the NHS.  Why should council tax payers only have to pay for the cost of failing to fund social care properly?  Is it fair?    How many times have we heard this Chancellor stand up and say that everyone should pay their fair share of taxes?  Then there's "We're all in this together."

Except that is, if you are a council tax payer.  The Chancellor has shirked his responsibilities to the vulnerable and most needy in our society, put up council tax for hard working families and left it to the local authorities to sort out the mess that he has created through his austerity measures.  So much for being a compassionate conservative.

If you feel as aggrieved as we do and would like to make your feelings known, then we have some contact details for you and further information. Click here to download.

The full text of the Autumn Statement is available online at:

Parliament > Hansard > Commons Debates

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